March 19, 1977: Lewiston (Joe Maloney Version)

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Lewiston (Joe Maloney Version)

Label: None
Catalog #: None
Format: 2CD
Source: Audience
Total Time: 111:37
Date: March 19, 1977
Location: Central Maine Youth
Center, Lewiston, Maine

Disc 1: (69:45)
01. Night (4:00)
02. Don't Look Back (3:01)
03. Spirit In The Night (6:32)
04. It's My Life (12:08)
05. Thunder Road (6:38)
06. Mona (6:39)
07. She's The One (4:45)
08. Tenth AVenue Freeze-Out (4:48)
09. Action In The Streets (5:21)
10. Backstreets (15:51)
Disc 2: (41:52)
01. Jungleland (9:48)
02. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (4:34)
03. 'Band Intro' (4:09)
04. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (3:56)
05. Born To Run (7:05)
06. Quarter To Three (12:19)

- Recorded on a Sony TC-110A, using the built-in microphone (see cassette_rec.cfm). Original cassettes were transferred to a Mac DAW using a Denon DR-M10HR. The analog signal was first run through: a) a SAE 2800 parametric equalizer to bump the highs slightly and to remove "room boom" at around 80 MHz; & b) a Phase Linear Autocorrelator to remove hiss & expand the signal (the TC-110A did not have controls for recording; the recorder, designed for dictation, compressed the signal and recorded at a fixed level). Transferred to the Mac using a MOTU 896. Bias Deck used to splice tape flips & even out volume levels. Bias Peak used to transfer SDII files to WAV files for shn compression. Shntool used to correct SBEs.
- Disc 2 Track 2-4 are all related to the same 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)' rendition
- Disc 2 Track 2-4 with The Miami Horns
- Disc 2 Track 2-4 include a couple lines from "Be-Bop-A-Lula" as an introduction and a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection