August 23, 2008: St. Louis (Hoserama Version)

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St. Louis (Hoserama Version)

Label: None
Catalog #: None
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Total Time: 236:36
Date: August 23, 2008
Location: Scottrade Center,
St. Louis, Missouri

Disc 1: (78:50)
01. Intro (1:06)
02. Then She Kissed Me (3:33)
03. Radio Nowhere (3:53)
04. Out In The Street (5:55)
05. Adam Raised A Cain (5:23)
06. Spirit In The Night (8:01)
07. 'Sign Collecting' (2:37)
08. Rendezvous (3:34)
09. For You (7:09)
10. Mountain Of Love (4:33)
11. Backstreets (7:31)
12. Gypsy Biker (6:39)
13. Because The Night (6:17)
14. Not Fade Away - She's The One (6:13)
15. Livin' In The Future (6:25)

Disc 3: (39:04)
01. Born To Run (5:39)
02. Dancing In The Dark (6:01)
03. American Land (7:01)
04. 'Encore' (2:29)
05. Thunder Road (6:07)
06. Little Queenie (7:39)
07. Twist And Shout (4:06)
Disc 2: (77:25)
01. Cover Me (4:42)
02. Mary's Place (15:13)
03. Drive All Night (9:27)
04. The Rising (5:06)
05. Last To Die (4:26)
06. Long Walk Home (6:29)
07. Badlands (7:19)
08. 'Encore' (3:18)
09. Girls In Their Summer Clothes (5:28)
10. Jungleland (11:03)
11. Detroit Medley (4:53)

Disc 4: (41:17)
01. 'Band' (1:08)
02. Then She Kissed Me #1 (2:30)
03. Then She Kissed Me #2 (2:20)
04. Then She Kissed Me #3 (3:44)
05. 'Band' (2:23)
06. Then She Kissed Me #4 (4:39)
07. Everytime You Walk
In The Room #1 (1:27)
08. Everytime You Walk
In The Room #2 (2:47)
09. 'Band' (1:29)
10. Everytime You Walk
In The Room #3 (2:45)
11. 'Band' (1:05)
12. 'Dead Air' (3:10)
13. 'Band' (1:09)
14. Little Queenie #1 (1:50)
15. Little Queenie #2 (1:37)
16. Little Queenie #3 (2:25)
17. 'Band' (4:46)

- All of Disc 4 is the soundcheck of the show
- Disc 4 Track 14-16 includes a snippet of 'Living In The U.S.A.'
- Taper 1: Boothman
- Lineage 1: 1 8x IEMs > Cables > 5x Edirol R-09
- Taper 2: Ademotte
- Lineage 2: ALD > Recorder
- Taper 3: TallTaper
- Lineage 3: DPA 4060 > Edirol R-09HR
- Taper 4: Bakerstuff
- Lineage: Church Audio Cardioids CA-14 > CA-UGLY Pre-Amp > Edirol R-09HR
- Remastering: Aligned in Adobe Audition > Mixed in Nuendo 4, using extra waves, Ozone, Slate plug-ins > Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper
- Known Issues 1: There was no straight guitar feed for Nilsí or Bruceís guitar. I had to get clever with the stereo extractions. There was a pretty clean Nils guitar panned about 50% right on one feed, and I was able to tease that out considerably. The same held true for Bruceís guitar, but not quite as cleanly. There was an engineerís feed, which switched around frequently, but often worked for Bruce's guitar solos. But sometimes I couldn't use it because of the switching.
- Known Issues 2: Bruce's vocals break up a bit during Drive All Night. It's on all the feeds, so something must have happened at the source. There's also some crackling after Last to Die--again, at the source. I did clean it up some, but itís still there.
- Known Issues 3: All the IEM feeds except two cut out during Little Queenie. If you have a really good ear, you'll hear the mix change for the last two songs, and certain instruments don't punch through quite as much.
- Known Issues 4: The balance on certain feeds changes sometimes if at times I boost one feed, that can shift the balance of the vocals. I've done a lot to try and make it as transparent as possible, but sometimes compromises were made.
- Known Issues 5: Regarding the audience recordings, I had both set up with a side-chain compressor, so that when the IEM sources got quiet, the volume of the audience sources were automatically boosted. Then one audience send was manually adjusted for specific sections of crowd participation. By boosting those specific sections, it changes the ambience of the recording by adding in more room sound. I did my best to make it as transparent as possible, but again, compromises were made at times. Everybody might draw the line in a different place. Sometimes it might seem like there should be more crowd participation in some spots...but the audience recordings didn't pick it up! What we really needed was a set of omnidirectional microphones in the middle of the floor to capture more crowd noise and less band, but you work with the tools you have, not the tools you wish you had.
- Known Issues 6: One of the problems with the brand of IEM system used during this tour is sibilance. The sound processor on the system doesn't handle the higher frequencies (5k-10k) very well, and if it gets cranked up too much, then you end up with some broadband distortion. Some of the 2011 U2 Bono feeds I taped had this in spades. The feed with the best Springsteen lead vocals fell victim to this, and suffers some distortion as a result. I did my best to clean-up the sibilance with a de-esser, and then did some general repair work for the distortion in those spots. However, you may still hear some artifacts. It creates a sound that I call "spitty" in certain sections of the show. Somebody hook me up with a clean capture of Bruce's wireless microphone, and I'll gladly retrack it!
- Known Issues 7: There were 8 IEM packs on a single person! Not all feeds were able to receive the tender love and attention that might be given to a single pack. Plus, there are antennas on opposite ends of the stage, so antennas facing you have better reception. Some feeds had a healthy level of static. I've done a lot of clean-up and a lot of patching, but sometimes there are still artifacts from static and drop-outs. It's not perfect, but itís significantly better than the unprocessed sources.